What Is One Of Your Favorite Movies?


I thought I would ask this question again: What is one of your favorite movies?

charles french words reading and writing

I have posted before about favorite books.  I will come back to that idea again in the not too distant future, but I was thinking about movies, because I am going to teach a hybrid online/traditional in-class course on Literature and Film at Muhlenberg College for The Wescoe School (the adult program) this summer. This will be an early question I will ask my students, so it is only fair that I think about it.



My answer would be the same as if this question were for books: The Lord of the Rings by director Peter Jackson (all 3 movies considered to be one–the same as with the books.) I think this adaptation is one of the best adaptations of a book to movie that has ever been accomplished. I love the depth of the story, the issues raised of political power and corruption, war and peace, good and…

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58 thoughts on “What Is One Of Your Favorite Movies?

  1. I’m afraid there isn’t ONE, but several favorites. Being a foreign film junkie that is where the list will be found. Afterlife (Japanese) the concept is brilliant. Zelary (Czech – WWII) Antoina’s Line (Netherlands just after WWII), Bread & Tulips (Italian) and anything by the late, great Jacques Tati… Sorry but the list is too long.

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  2. It’s very difficult to pick just one favorite movie, so I’m gonna go out on a limb and pick two. The first one would have to be “Scent of a Woman” with Al Pacino. This is one of his most powerful performances of all time, a movie filled with some of memorable dialogue, and an amazing lead character: Liutenant Colonel Frank Slade! This movie has an incredible message of perseverance, of not giving up when the going gets tough. My favorite quote from the movie: “In the tango, if you get all tangled up, you just tango on.” At least I think that is how it goes!
    My second favorite movie would have to be Forrest Gump. I read the novel initially by Winston Groom and immediately fell in love with Forrest’s character. He really was a person who demonstrated that, even though people will always underestimate us for whatever reason, we have the strength within us to beat those odds because “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get”. Thank you so much for your work. It truly was great fun to comment on this post. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts 👌🏼😄

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