Word Defiant!


This is a powerful post on books!

The World according to Dina

Die Leiden und Freuden der Bücher

Siri 🙂 and 🙂 Selma were pestering us for weeks. They wanted us to visit the exhibition “The Word Defiant!” at Blickling. NOW! We knew that our beloved Bookfayries would freeze sadly seeing the installation ‘burning of books, Mosul/Iraq’. Members of ISIS burnt the library of the university down in 2014 destroying thousands of books and manuscripts. Some of them dated back to Ottoman times. And so it was, sobbing, heads down. It didn’t help at all that we explained that burning books was invented by the church in the 4th c. and during the inquisition, the heretics were burned with their books and, of course, we know book burning as a fascist ritual.

Seit Wochen nervten Siri 🙂 und 🙂 Selma unausstehlich herum, dass wir die Austellung “The Word Defiant!” über trozige Bücher in Blickling besuchen. JETZT! Uns war klar, dass…

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