Here is the first blog post from Candid By Liz!

Candid By Liz

This is my first blog post.  I try to do simple and honest photography with very little manipulation of the images.  I hope you enjoy them.  I am not criticizing others who use a great deal of manipulation with their images such as photo-shop; for me it is important to try to see and capture the image as true and honestly as possible.  This is why when I take photos of people, I prefer candid shots over posed.  Candid shots capture true feelings and can tell a real story about those people.  Too many memories can be lost by posed shots.

In my landscapes I also hope to capture the reality of the space as I see it.  The most I will ever do to an image is cropping.  I hope the physical nature of the image and its story comes through in my pictures.


A Bridge On The St…

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6 thoughts on “Landscapes

  1. I really like the working philosophy of Candid by Liz. I’ve often wondered how we got locked into the convention of grinning manically at the camera (Cheese!) while being photographed!

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