What Do You Enjoy About Writing?




Writers have many aspects to what they do, and creating a book is a large and arduous task. It often requires research, numerous drafts, editing, and proofreading to name some of the components.

And this is hard work.

But why do writers do this work if they do not enjoy what they do? I think most writers do take joy from their efforts, and I think they find reward in it. I would like to hear from you what you enjoy in the act of writing.

It would be completely legitimate, as I tell my students when posing a question to them, to ask me: what do I enjoy about writing?

Well, many aspects occur to me, but what I enjoy the most is the act of story-telling, of creating characters and seeing what happens to them.

So, I ask: what do you enjoy about writing?





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73 thoughts on “What Do You Enjoy About Writing?

  1. My love for writing was born from my love for reading. I hated writing essays in grade school — the rigidity of the structure and the dull topics we had to write about (it seems silly now but to grade-school me it was tortuous). I connected to narrative writing (as it was called in school) and it made English classes more bearable.
    I enjoy the freedom of writing fiction, being able to write what I want in whatever format I desire, and the act of creating something tangible from particles of dreams and real life experiences.

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  2. The sheer bloody terror of it. Who needs roller coasters or haunted houses? Just try to express yourself accurately – in coherent sentences. Or, okay, for bonus exhilaration, write and draw a single panel cartoon.

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  3. Tiger Lily Evergreen

    What I enjoy about writing is that I can take my imagination and put it on paper. Stories, feelings, experiences, deep thoughts… I have the ability and joy to put my mind and heart on paper. It’s an enjoyable escape that means so much more than any word could ever describe.

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  4. Good writing is a gift you give to others by creating worlds with people whose lives are interesting, fascinating, absorbing, and compelling, whether in fantasy, mystery, crime, science fiction or fairy tale. That is what writing does for the writer and the reader. Both share this joy of creation. Thank you, Charles, for this important question and a delight to answer! Karen 🙂

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  5. You pose a wonderful question. It will have me thinking for a while. No pat answer comes to mind. I must enjoy writing because I can’t NOT do it, literally. A profound interest in language is part of the picture. I don’t pretend everything I write is inspired, or even good, but I never feel “blocked” from writing, whether it’s commentary, doggerel, appraisal, or whimsy. A strong urge to entertain and amuse is another part of the picture. And here I’ve turned prolix!

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  6. First and foremost, I simply enjoy being creative. As I am not a gifted painter or illustrator, and can’t afford a camera, writing is my only creative outlet at the moment.

    There are more specific elements I enjoy with the different types of pieces I write.

    When writing more factual or academic materials, the learning process is always fun: reading about new and/or interesting topics. Then I get to figure out how to share that material in a format that is understandable, engaging, and hopefully doesn’t get me sued.

    However, I find experience-based pieces to be the most fun to write. I of course enjoy the journey, outing, or conversation on which the article is based. But my favorite part of such pieces is reliving those experiences as I write about them. Not only is it good to recall happy and/or instructive memories, but it’s always enlightening to see how my appraisals of those events have changed with time.

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  7. This is such a thought-provoking question, Charles! I wanted to avoid responding but just couldn’t resist thinking about why I write.

    Although I have had to write in almost every job I’ve had, I’ve never thought of myself as a writer. I didn’t learn the real value of writing until I tackled a qualitative research study that required me to listen deeply, observe keenly, reflect on relationships between cultures and environments, and keep detailed notes. Then, I had to sort though everything and try to make sense of it all. That’s when I wrote. It was a practice that stuck with me and I used it to survive my time in academia.

    I wrote vignettes about what I witnessed and experienced. Some were funny, and some very troubling. The stories were transferred every time I needed to replace computers and languished there, hidden, until I began blogging. Writing became a tool for making sense of the world and giving voice to practical strategies for living as simply, ethically, and joyfully as possible despite ever-changing, challenging contexts.

    I have learned to test the power of what I write by sharing it with the undergraduate students in the research class I teach. Often there are tears in my voice when I read, a sign that it comes from a deep place in my heart. That’s what I love most about writing. The chance to speak from the deepest places in my heart.

    Thank you for inspiring reflection. 🙂

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  8. Writing is my life… in early years I started to write… but the change of my climate in my country, stopped me to write… to share my dreams and thoughts… even I hate to write on about politics or religions… but I want to feel free with my pen… It is not good to feel the force on you and also to have a big watching eyes…. so I stopped. I try to write in my second language of course not very well as my own language but still I can feel free myself and I can share in this language… writing is a kind of breathing for me…. I wish(ed) to write my stories in this language… and publish them…. but I am not well as I told in this language… So writing for today, gives me so much pain… I know there is not time to start from the beginning… and I am not young too. Mr. Sixty (my camera) took place of my pen… I write with my eyes and with Mr. Sixty….

    Thank you, Love, nia

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  9. I love to travel so decided a good way to remember my trips and have others enjoy them to was to write about them on my Gypsy Road Trip blog. Now I publish them in a local newspaper and magazine as many people do enjoy reading them. It gives them ideas of places to visit or brings back memories of places they have been.

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  10. I love crafting a sentence, or a chapter, to say what I want it to say. But, truthfully, I started writing diaries in 1972 and didn’t miss a day for 20 years. Writing is my habit. I write in my journal because it always listens when it’s just me and my cat and the piano. The cat listens too, and purring is a soothing critique. I’ve enjoyed reading this thread about why others write. Since I only write creative nonfiction, theater reviews and poems, I can’t say I enjoy plotting out a story. The plots are my life. I find that selecting the right material to contribute to my memoir’s theme and move the story along is my biggest challenge. Lately I’ve branched out to three writing critique groups instead of just one and, in ways, I feel like there are too many cooks in the kitchen. Ugh! And now, I’ve gone and used a cliche. Perhaps … too many red pens at the round table? Today someone taught me what “‘purple prose” is, so I guess I’ll still find value in these other critiquers hacking away at my memoir.

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  11. Love the question – 🙂 Unsure how to answer this… ever since I began life there was this need to see my word on paper. Later it grew into a specific need to write. Poetry happened, the short story, I was in drama.. words took one to another place, where we spoke of things besides what was in front of us. Today I write about the things that follow me room to room. If no one’s reading anything I write, it still doesn’t matter. I scribble in my journal, about laughter, tears. Its my safe place I guess. Hey and thanks for the appreciation on my blog, means much to me

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  12. I love the feeling I get when I succeed in putting a thought, a feeling, or a difficult metaphysical concept into words… I feel such a driven passion for communicating and connecting with another human being, with a fellow traveling soul, that nothing can stop me until I sense that I’ve succeeded, where my whole being is celebrating with a loud, unmistakable, undeniable “yes!!”
    (…Until that happens, I think I’m pretty much miserable 😏)

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  13. I enjoy meeting the characters. They often surprise me. I plan them for one thing and they do another. I’ve been told that’s normal and to go with them – not against them. It’d be nice if they would do the typing as well. Then I could sit back and read it as it happened.

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