Safe and Secret…ish


This is a wonderful post on joining the Underground Library Society by Niki Flow!

Niki Flow

“My invitation is this–would you like to become a member of the ULS? All that is necessary is to chose a book you would memorize if you had to in order to save it, to design a small poster about the book, and to put it up somewhere. For those of you who chose to join, please either do a post about your book and poster or reply here….Please join us!” -Charles French, AN INVITATION TO JOIN THE ULS: THE UNDERGROUND LIBRARY SOCIETY

Thank you Charles for the invitation to join this safe and secret society!  I’m very honored …what’s that? Oh, not so secret?  Well, that’s fine,  I’m very inspired by you and your students! I love libraries. Underground Library Society — well, that sounds like something from a Baggins tale! I’m imagining clandestine quests, exotic locations, and maybe even a burglar!

It was very easy for me to choose which…

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