Here is a post from one of my student’s blogs. Please remember that she is not a native English speaker.

World Of Words

Many times I have heard the expression “the power of words” referring to what we can attract into our lives through the words we speak. But this time I want to talk about power words for their true meaning.

Maybe if you are reading this post at this moment it is because you speak English and it is almost certainly your native language. Maybe you are learning another language or maybe you already talk a lot and you know the feeling of helplessness when you want to express ideas and opinions, but you can’t because you don’t speak the language at that moment. It is very likely that you can’t understand the process of wanting to speak English because it must be something that is as easy for you as breathing.

English is considered the universal language, therefore, we are many people around the world who must learn it, either by…

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