Did He Really Say That?


Once again, I find that I have to address a political situation in this blog, something I have not wanted to do. But this is so extraordinary that I cannot sit by and ignore it. Once again, Americans and the world need to speak out.

In a White House Lawn interview today, President Trump said something incredible, something  I never thought any President of the United States of America would ever say, in any context: “He [Kim Jong Un] speaks and people sit up at attention. I want my people to do the same.”

He later claimed that he was being sarcastic, but there is no place for that kind of dictatorial speech by an American leader. Has he forgotten that he was elected and not born into his position that the North Korean Dictator was? And to compliment one of the worst dictators in our world is unconscionable. The North Korean Dictator oppresses, starves, tortures, and kills the people of North Korea. How can the President show any kind of admiration for such a tyrant? How dare he show envy for the North Korean dictator?

There is no place in a democracy for any hint of a dictatorship. How dare he say this? Does he have no compassion? Does he have no decency?

The United States, along with its allies, fought World War Two to defeat dictators. Millions of people died in that war, and their memories must be honored by never–never–having a leader speak like a dictator.  Let us remember that we live in a democracy; in order for it to survive, our leaders and our people must honor that democracy.

And President Trump needs to understand that he serves the American People. The American People are not his people.

Later claiming sarcasm does not excuse this horrific statement. There is no excuse for this statement.

Americans must be aware of the risk of dictatorship.

How dare any President speak like a dictator?

32 thoughts on “Did He Really Say That?

  1. Thanks for posting this. I’ve thought quite a bit about the general silence in the creative-writing-indie-publishing community, and about my own reluctance to bring this kind of topic into my blogs or my Twitter posts (though I am very vocal on FB). Chuck Wendig is the possible exception. I may have to follow your lead at some point. I didn’t see this. Do you have a link for a video? I would like to post this on FB.

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  2. I know Charles that the questions were rhetorical, but I’m forced to answer them anyway,
    He has no compassion.
    He has no decency.
    I’d be willing to lay odds that someone told him afterwards to say he was being sarcastic.

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  3. Reblogged this on K. D. Dowdall and commented:
    What has America become? Americans elected a man without honor, without integrity, without humanity, who tells falsehoods with impunity. He has no concept of democracy, he honors horrific dictators and wants to be one, a horrific dictator. He has a really good start at doing just that. He denigrates our friends and neighbors across the world that are democratic. Democracy is not perfect, but it is surely far better than the alternative: Russia and North Korea, to name but two horrors that exist in the world.

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  4. I know many that voted for him. I’m waiting for them to see the price they are going to pay. We will all pay if we don’t move him along somehow and I know many are trying to get him out of that office. He see’s himself as supreme and in full power. Dangerous! Every time he opens his mouth, I’m stunned. I almost can’t listen anymore. My blood pressure can’t handle it. Everyone should be very frightened right now. I know I am.

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