Thank You to Readers!




I have thanked writers before, and I will again, but it is also important to recognize the other crucial element in a writing relationship, and that is the readers.  Without readers, books are simply words on a page, without being seen, known, imagined, or interpreted.

I love reading as much as I love writing, and I hope that readers continue to indulge in whatever kind of writing they enjoy.

To me, reading is one of the most important joys in life, along with romance and food.  I read every day, and I often have as many as five books going at one time. I teach English Literature, so reading is also part of my work, but I always have at least one book around that I consider my dessert reading. And since I love desserts, I am not, in any way, diminishing those books.  They simply serve a different purpose from the literature I teach.

My mother instilled the love of reading in me when I was very young, and I cannot remember not being able to read. It is a joy that will stay with me the rest of my life.

I am, therefore, on both sides of this creative relationship: writer and reader.

So once again, to those without whom writers are nothing, thank you! And please keep reading.

Thank you to all readers!



28 thoughts on “Thank You to Readers!

  1. Thank you Charles for the lovely handwritten thank you card. It is a pleasure reading your writing. Your top image is equally
    I can’t either remember a time when I couldn’t read so I am sure both my parents would have taught me. Books are my friends and it is awfully hard to prune the book case ever now and again.
    I don’t think you can become a writer without the love of literature.

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  2. I read a lot, mostly contemporary, both fiction and non-fiction, and trying to begin reading the classics. But, not being a literature student, it kind of becomes an effort to enjoy them. Any suggestions what might help me enjoy the treasure of the classics without having to check back the summaries on Google.

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  3. Reading and writing go hand in hand. I have been to writers’ workshops where they suggested you spend as much time reading as you do writing. Both seem vital. I have decided to follow your blog since your posts are always so positive and uplifting…and I always enjoy positive quotes!

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