Please Remember the D-Day Invasion


Please take a moment, and remember to give thanks to those who fought fascism in the D-Day Invasion that was instrumental in defeating Hitler.

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Please let us all take a moment and remember the sacrifices of those men, often little more than boys, who took part in the largest military invasion in the history of humanity: Operation Overlord. Thanks to their courage, they were able to begin the end of Hitler’s reign of terror in Europe. The invasion began on June 6, 1944 and lasted until the middle of July in 1944.

Many soldiers from a variety of countries lost their lives during this campaign, and today several cemeteries exist to honor those who fell. One such sacred place is the Normandy American Cemetery.



To all who fought to defeat Fascism, I give my thanks.

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13 thoughts on “Please Remember the D-Day Invasion

  1. I’ll add my thanks to yours. I hate war, but I owe a great debt to all the warriors who have fought to keep their families safe. It’s been overused as an excuse, but the world was a much safer place without Hitler. The courage these men displayed in battle humbles me, and it’s a legacy well worth preserving.

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  2. Never forget. When I read to children Peter Spier’s book, “The Star-Spangled Banner”, with full illustrations of the song, there is a page that depicts the cemetery at Normandy. It looks like the scene in the movie Saving Private Ryan. I always stop and say this is an important page. I begin by asking children why the flag is flying halfway down (then I teach them half mast), and asking, “What is this place? What are those crosses?” You can imagine the long conversation that ensues. Even four-year-olds can understand and learn.

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