Honor Memorial Day




I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend, but I also hope you remember why this holiday exists.  The word “holiday” comes from “holy day,” and the remembrance of this day and its purpose should be sacred. It was originally known as Decoration Day after the end of the Civil War, and it was designated Memorial Day in the 20th Century.

This day is intended to honor, give thanks, and remember those who have sacrificed their lives for The United States of America.  Please honor the fallen and the wounded on this day.  I realize the day was meant originally for the dead, but I extend my wishes and  thanks to the wounded also. Regardless of political beliefs or stands on a war, these are the men and women who fought to keep us safe, and they deserve our remembrance.

They deserve our thanks and our honor.

Please keep in mind that this day is not merely the beginning of the summer season, nor is it intended to be the time of a special sale. This should be a sacred and somber time. There will be plenty of opportunity for shopping and vacationing afterwards. Please remember those who sacrificed.



14 thoughts on “Honor Memorial Day

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    There are many Americans that are apart of military families and that includes my family for several generations. I found this post by Charles F. French to be particularly important to me. Having lived in countries where there is no Democracy, I found to be an awakening experience and until you lose Democracy you never truly understand how very much you have lost. This is what our soldiers and their families fight for, die for – our Democracy, our constitution, and our way of life.

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  2. I always think of Vietnam and the way we treated our returning vets… who were not called heroes as they are today.

    So as we turn into ever more international conflicts I (as the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran) would say this:

    Soldiers are always people…. they have families — children, parents, spouses and pets. THEY do not chose the conflicts we are engaged in as a country. They simply love their country enough to TRUST that our government strives for freedom for all. They put their boots on one leg at a time, and sometimes just one pantsleg at a time. So thank them for putting up with our misunderstandings of what all they do and the necessity of it. Thank them for their TRUST. And when you vote, show you trust in THEM.

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