Happy Friday the 13th!




I hope all of you enjoy your day today and do not worry at all about the date. This is not a day that should cause any concern, unless of course you somehow had access to a time machine and were able to travel back in time to October 13, 1307 when the end of this organization was put into play by King Philip the Fair of France.  Apparently his name carried two levels of irony, because many reported that he was not handsome, and certainly his treatment of the Knights Templar shows he was not a man of honor.

He had many arrested on that day, and that began a time of great torture, horror, and death for those involved. So, certainly that day would have been a terrible day to be around on Friday the 13th!

If you had a time machine, perhaps you should choose a different, happier historical day!

But for everyone else, enjoy the Friday! Go out if you normally do, or stay home and enjoy a good book, but have fun, and please do not worry about the date!



14 thoughts on “Happy Friday the 13th!

  1. I think Friday the 13th is a day when people LOOK for things that are going wrong and so they get themselves into the wrong headspace. I try to ignore it, usually successfully. Although … I won’t tempt fate by walking under a ladder that day.

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