A flying visit – A Shakespearean story arc…


This is a wonderful post by Sue Vincent about Shakespeare!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The afternoon was drawing to a close and the chill of early spring was settling over Stratford-upon-Avon as we made our way back towards the car. There were still many things we would have liked to see, but, with the small dog waiting patiently for our return, they would have to wait for another visit. But, there was a church at the end of the street we were crossing and, for some reason, we both felt we ought to take a look.  You just never know what you might find and the place, even from a distance, looked as if it might be interesting.

Sketch of New Place by George Vertue 1737

It was certainly in the right part of town. We passed a good many Tudor buildings covered in carvings…and a few Victorian counterfeits too, but we also found the  site of  William Shakespeare’s house, New Place, right…

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