The Changing Seasons – March 2018


This post features truly beautiful art!

Art Expedition

It´s time again for the wonderful challenge The Changing Seasons, invented byMax atCardinal Guzmanand now hosted by my dear friend Su atZimmerbitch.

Although Spring officially started this month, March decided not to take any notice of it and it was bitterly cold here throughout.

On one of my walks I decided to take advantage of the still barren trees and took a few photos from their spindly branches reaching into the clear skies.

With some editing magic (Snapseed) these following two images of the same photo came to life:

20161230_144837-02-1-01 Barren branches take 1 (March 2018)

20161230_144837-02-1 Barren Branches take 2 (March 2018)

I couldn´t decide which one I like more, so I posted them both. 😉 Do you have a preference?

You might have noticed that I posted quite a lot of water color paintings this month, mostly birds – this is mainly due to me…

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12 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons – March 2018

  1. Sarah, like most I love them both and take similar pictures at all times of the day.
    Your first one has the mystery of early evening whilst the second is a daytime with blue skies winking hallo.
    Maybe they belong as a pair.

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