The Underground Library Society: Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire Poster


Here is another blog post from one of my students.

Sam Steinberg's Blog

Along with the rest of my English 02 class at Lehigh University, I have entered the Underground Library Society.  This group is based on the “Book People,” in Fahrenheit 451, who make it their mission to memorize and literally become a book so that the rest of mankind can benefit from their knowledge.  The first task of the group is to design a poster consisting of our group name/logo, the title the book we chose, a statement of encouragement to read our book, and an appealing design.  I have chosen to present Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  I chose this book as it is a mystery/fantasy and opens people’s eyes to another world and its possibilities.  Personally, I think it’d be pretty cool to run through walls and find something missing with the flick of a wand.  I plan on designing my poster with a cool portrayal of…

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3 thoughts on “The Underground Library Society: Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire Poster

  1. This is terrific. You can feel Sam’s enthusiasm for the ULS and the book. Hats off to you for instituting this society into your curriculum, and raising awareness about banned books. Your students are excited and involved. One of the favorite books I read to children is “The Story of Little Babaji” by Helen Bannerman. It was written in 1899 when she lived in India. When you and I were children, that story had been rewritten into a banned book, “Little Black Sambo.” I loved that book as a child and vividly remember the tigers running around the tree and turning into butter. Of course the characters in the original book are from India (tigers are from India) and not southern blacks. I talk about this, and banned books, when I read “The Story of Little Babaji.” The children are captivated. Oh, I wish I could be a guest for an hour in your classroom. Thank you for sharing these student’s stories, Charles.

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