Rest In Peace, Stephen Hawking




Renowned scientist, philosopher, and author Stephen Hawking has died at the age of 76. Mr. Hawking was a brilliant thinker, someone whose accomplishments put him with the pantheon of great intellects, including Leonardo Da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, and Albert Einstein.

At the age of 21, he was diagnosed with the disease ALS and not expected to live for more than a few years at most. His longevity, despite facing a terrible illness, demonstrates his tenacity.  He forged new ideas in science and wrote about those ideas in works that brought such thinking to nonscientists, including, but not limited to,  A Brief History of Time and The Universe In A Nutshell.

He remained optimistic about the future of humanity, especially if we can successfully make our way into space.

The human race was fortunate to have had such a mind. They are indeed rare.

Rest In Peace, Stephen Hawking. (1942-2018)



28 thoughts on “Rest In Peace, Stephen Hawking

  1. Thank you for writing this clear and honouring eulogy of
    Stephen Hawking. I was quite saddened by the news of his passing in spite of knowing of his long term severe illness.

    I couldn’t agree more about his outstanding intellect and tenacity. A remarkable man.


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  2. A well written tribute to this brilliant man, his life, and his commitment to the sciences. Greater yet was his commitment to humankind. Brave and courageous throughout his illness, I am reminded of my sister-in-law who rose above the devastation of ALS but didn’t live as long as Hawking. Her angriest moments were directed at the fact that her mind stayed so in tune with her body, she could tell each day which part of her was dying. She didn’t like having access to “her roadmap.” Thank you for posting this.

    Also, thanks stopping by my blog and liking my post on March Madness. I’ll be following your writing. I hope we can get to know each others as fellow writers on this journey.

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