Beautiful Writing Tools Revisited


I have updated a very early post that I thought my readers might enjoy.

charles french words reading and writing



I was thinking recently about the beauty of old-fashioned writing instruments. I sit here typing this post on my computer, after having drafted it first by hand, a writing habit I always try to follow. Drafting by pen slows down the process and forces me to focus on the immediate words I am choosing rather than my thoughts flying ahead to other parts of the piece. By slowing the writing down, my concentration increases, and my writing becomes stronger.

Regardless of the length of the project, from a short story or article to a novel, I always work in this method.

On taking a break, I put down my pen, admittedly not a very special or beautiful item, and began to consider writing implements from the past. The two pics I found of an old manual typewriter and a fountain pen and paper are things of beauty. Not only…

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7 thoughts on “Beautiful Writing Tools Revisited

  1. I found a manual typewriter on eBay (not as old as the one in your pic) but it has been a blast. Honestly, I do not start my writing as I already have my writing habits, but I do like taking final drafts and plugging away. It has inspired 2 of my posts ‘rhythmic tapping’ and ‘Tempo of the keys..’ You’ve inspired me to pick up a fountain pen though, I haven’t had one since high school. Gonna shop now haha

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  2. That fountain pen is amazing! (as is the typewriter of course!) but, I have an unhealthy obsession with writing utensils… I can’t pass any sort of store that sells stationary without buying something. I am still on the hunt for the perfect pen… it is elusive, but I believe one day I will find it!!

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