Thank You For The Signed Copy!!


This is a wonderful post on K.D. Dowdall’s book The Stone Arch Secret. Please visit Didi’s site, and read Karen’s book. You will enjoy both!

Didi Oviatt

First off let me just say that K. D. Dowdallfrom the Pen and Paper blog is one of the most genuine people I’ve had the privileged of being in contact with through WordPress!  She’s caring, supportive, and insanely uplifting and insightful. That said, after I read her book Garrett’s Bones last year, I was blown away by the fact that she is equally as talented in writing as she is at her ability to project such a warm and powerfully humble online presence! Talk about rare, and worth the praise!

Karen’s writing style is BEAUTIFUL!! 

When I found out that she was coming out with her current new release The Stone Arch Secret, I was thrilled!  I bumped a few other reads out and jumped right on board on her blog tour with R&R Book Tours. Things got a little crazy in my life as well as…

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