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A Teacher's Reflections

Yet.  It’s a word I use often at school with children.  When they try hard and struggle, and say, “I can’t”, I add the word “yet”.  A child might not be able to do it just now, but with practice they will.  Yet.

Today the tables were turned.  ‘Yet’ became the children’s words to me.  Here is what happened:

It was a rainy day.  There was extra time for music and the autoharp.  Children picked their favorite songs, and we sang and danced.  “Five Little Monkeys” was a top request, multiple times.  Then, children wanted to sing “Red White and Blue.”  With the autoharp.

I don’t know how to play that song, but I have the book.  Maybe the book has the music.”

The book had the music on the last page.  Life was good.  Well, it wasn’t good.  I showed children how there were letters above the score…

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