17 thoughts on “Keep Your Kids Reading! Reading is a Good Thing!

  1. It’s so important for parents and guardians to read to their kids and later encourage them to read for themselves when they’re able. At school, a good librarian can also help steer kids to the right books that match their reading ability and interest level. Kids get discouraged if they don’t know which books they can be reading or if they aren’t aware that there are books out there that would be a big thrill for them to read.

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  2. I didn’t have any of that information when my children were little. But I will never forget the whispering in the halls when I was called in for a parent-teacher conference. They looked at me and asked if I’d heard about my daughters test scores. I had not and I knew she was not completing assignments. Making her teachers unhappy with her. In the 4th grade, she was reading at a 10th grade level and they didn’t know what to do with her or what to make of her. I just kept taking the kids to the library and buying books. My son wound up in the gifted group in 4th grade. And his doctors thought he might be developmentally delayed.! Ha, showed them. Read to them till they could read to me and that went on every single day. If you can read, you can do anything! Sorry for my exuberance here.


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