Happy Birthday to Bram Stoker!




Today is the 170th anniversary of Irish writer Bram Stoker’s birthday. As the author of Dracula, a book I consider one of the finest Gothic novels ever written, he has had enormous impact on the worlds of writing, theater, and film.

To commemorate this day, the wonderful librarians at Lehigh University’s Linderman Library organized a showing of the classic film Dracula (1931) and starring Bela Lugosi. I was asked to give a short presentation about the film, which I enjoyed doing.  Given the opportunity to talk about this book and film, I always grasp the chance.


So I wish Bram Stoker a happy birthday!


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22 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Bram Stoker!

  1. Reblogged this on K. D. Dowdall and commented:
    Lucky are the students, faculty, and staff, who were able to attend the HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BRAM STOKER! Celebration at Lehigh University Libraries. Plus, the opportunity to watch the 1931 Movie Dracula! The best part, is sharing in a discussion about the movie with Professor Charles F. French!


  2. Just reading your words about being invited to speak at the showing of the movie made my heart race. Wonderful is an understatement. I wish I’d been there watching the movie and hearing your words. The students, faculty, and attendees are the lucky ones.

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  3. In Dublin see his house on a tour bus and they will tell you that as a child he saw someone climbing through his window with blood dripping from their mouth and how it terrified him. They’ll also tell you how there was a cholera epidemic and how they would stake the bodies so that the soul couldn’t escape and infect the living. Dublin is a great city for writers to visit.


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