More Reviews of Maledicus: The Paranormal Investigative Society Book 1


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“I loved this book and could NOT put it down! Written by an English professor, it is an absorbing, addictive story that left me continually wondering what would happen next. (Even while I WAS reading, I had to keep myself from glancing ahead to find out!)
I was once told the earmark of a successful novel is that the author has created characters the reader really cares about, and this certainly was the case for me. I worried about them. Putting the book down made me feel I was abandoning them to their suffering and keeping them in limbo.

Maledicus is clearly a thriller filled with the stark and chilling reality of evil — but, in its delicate balance, I found that it also reassures us of the enduring power of love.”

                                                                                                          Vivien L. Steele

“This is a layered, entertaining tale. Opening the action in ancient Rome gives depth and mystery to the present-day plot. Unlike the protagonists, the reader knows how inhumanly evil Maledicus is from the beginning, which boosts the suspense. And as a Boomer, it was a kick to see three retired gentlemen of varied backgrounds work together, all bound by the losses of loved ones. That adds a touching and sad dimension to interesting characters.”

                                                                                                         Mike Tuggle


“This book was recommended to me. Initially, I downloaded the digital sample to my IPad from Amazon. Other people I spoke to who had read it were impressed and one Sunday afternoon this past Fall I decided to check it out. The book is realistic, engrossing and fits well in the horror genre. Before I knew it, I got to the end of the sample and looked up to a totally dark apartment. OMG! The combination of the scariness of the book and my environment caused me to shiver. I was so freaked I had to turn on all the lights in my place.

I have since bought the paperback and reread the whole thing. It’s great escapism and I recommend it if you’re looking for a good scare.”

                                                                                             Amazon Customer




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