Do We Have the Moral Fortitude to Stand Up ?


This is another important post by KD Dowdall.

Pen & Paper

Who has the moral strength to stand up against Pres. Trump’s White Supremacy, anti-Jewish, anti-diversity, Fascism, Neo-Nazis, bigotry and racism. “Whom among us?” Jesus once said.

So, do we have the moral strength to stand against this man, Donald Trump, who has no moral authority to lead, does not believe in Democracy, does not stand for what America is suppose to stand for? Who takes his orders for Steve Bannon, who wants to bring down Democracy?

Remember that these so called White Supremacists, are against Jewish people, for what?  How about our Professors, Teachers, Scientists, Physicians? Is Christianity at risk? You bet Christianity is at risk. It is also on the haters chopping block.  People of color, ethnicity, LGBT, are now threatened!  Your ethnicity could be next!  This is how it began in Germany. This is how it begins in America!

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17 thoughts on “Do We Have the Moral Fortitude to Stand Up ?

  1. Charles, thank you so much. As my mother use to say, if you don’t stand up for something, you will fall for anything. She was born and raised in the south, but she was a strong believer of equality for everyone and abhorred racism. Karen


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