It Can Happen Here: A Lesson from Charlottesville, Virginia




This will not be a post about my normal subjects.

In 1935 Sinclair Lewis’ book It Can’t Happen Here spoke to the issue that many Americans held that fascism could not occur in the United States of America. His book is satirical, frightening, and, unfortunately, still applicable.

Erik Larson’s nonfiction history book In The Garden of Beasts, 2011, detailed the experience of Ambassador Dodd in Berlin in the 1930s, during the rise and solidification of Hitler’s power, and it is a terrifying read.

We must always remember that it can happen here, that bigotry and hatred can lead to terrible results. That white nationalists and neo-nazis brought their horror and bigotry to Charlottesville, VA yesterday, resulting in violence and death should make all Americans, regardless of political party, Democrat, Republican, or Independent, aware of what can happen.

We should all be frightened of the possibilities of such hatred. We should also speak to the singular lack of condemnation by President Trump of the neo-nazis and white power groups. As President, he should not have said “on many sides.” This is an issue of hatred, brought by those who worship hatred and the defeated, in World War II, obscenities of Hitler. The President should have, without equivocation, stated his condemnation of their actions and beliefs.

We must always remember that fascism, bigotry, hatred, and dictatorship can occur here as it can anywhere. As Americans, whose freedom was paid for in blood, by those who fought in World War Two, we must speak out against such injustice and horror.

There should be no place for neo-nazis, white nationialists, and bigotry in the United States of America.


38 thoughts on “It Can Happen Here: A Lesson from Charlottesville, Virginia

  1. We are on the same page. And in fact, a friend of mine who is a commentator for MSNBC wrote about this very subject after a pre-election visit to Germany. They felt the same way and actually referenced quite a few alarming similarities between Trump and Hitler’s character, the state of the nation and other things. Would be happy to track down that link for you if interested.


  2. Reblogged this on K. D. Dowdall and commented:
    Charles French has written a very germane commentary about fascism, bigotry, hatred, and dictatorship. I will also add neo-Nazis, and Racism. President Trump has played a large role in this democracy crushing road to ending the United States of America, by his dog-whistle baiting, tyranny-like speech, and the company he keeps.


  3. A great post. A perfect response to what happened in Charlottesville, VA. Of course, I believe this is fostered by others for the last 9 years, beginning with Birtherism and now they feel as though they have free range to destroy what America stands for, but then, there are those who have wanted to rule by the color of one’s skin and gender for a very long time – like forever.


  4. There should be no place for neo-nazis, white nationialists, and bigotry in the United States of America.

    I agree with your words, but they have, incredulously, taken root in the White House. 😦


  5. It can happen here. They lurk on the fringes waiting for us to put our safety and economic security above our freedom; then they pounce. They are always there just waiting for an opportunity and we have given it. I am chilled to the marrow by this history repeating itself.


  6. We must not allow ourselves to be “distracted” by this administration’s next shiny object… This is how we are being kept off balance. We must unite, and stay united. The time for this behavior is long gone. And minorities have been telling us it has been lurking in the corners for years. We just didn’t want to believe it, and now here is the proof that they are indeed correct.

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  7. Great Post. I think it’s important to speak out against what’s happening and you did a terrific job. White Supremacists have already scheduled another event. It’s scheduled for 9/11,of all days, at Texas A&M. A counter protest is being organized. The wave of hate is continuing and it is my belief that white Americans have to take the lead in stopping it. Thanks again for a great post.


  8. What continues to shock and dismay me is the ignorance of history. Is it because we as a society have failed to teach historical facts or is it because people choose to believe what they want rather than truth? As I listened to some of the rhetoric spouted over the weekend, I wondered how these people came to believe the things they believe. I’m so baffled. Ask one of the torch bearers/ Confederate Flag waving marchers why and they begin to yell about Yankee aggression. What? I’m from the South, born and bred yet I’m embarrassed when I see such ignorance. Scary times. Good Post


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