Book Lovers’ Week!




I realized that I had somehow missed that August 9 was the day of the unofficial Book Lovers’ Day. So, I have decided, without any authority, of course, that I am declaring the entire week of 8/9/17-8/15/17 to  be the unofficial holiday of Book Lovers’ Week!

Why should we celebrate only one day?  Let us embrace the week as a period of declaring to the world that we love books!

If you are with me on this idea, please spread the word!

I love books!




19 thoughts on “Book Lovers’ Week!

  1. Every day is Book Lover’s Day. If I had the combined lives of my two cats, I couldn’t come close to reading everything I want to read. A friend introduced me to her friends, monsieur Hercule Poitot and miss Jane Marple. Now I am back in the biography section after diving in, head first, to the Autobiography of miss Agatha Christie. What a joy and what a privileged. One of the best gifts you can give someone is the gift of reading as it keeps giving for an entire lifetime.


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