The Art Museum


This post is an excellent post on Monet’s early paintings and on the importance of art for children.

A Teacher's Reflections

Museums are always a source of wonder and inspiration for me.  I introduce art in a big way to my preschool class, so when I’m inspired, they are, too.  This week I visited the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, New Hampshire.  A hidden gem.

Now, imagine one of the best art museums, such as the MFA (Museum of Fine Art) in Boston.  What if that museum were a little smaller (less overwhelming), yet had it all- from Matisse to Hopper to O’Keefe to Picasso to Sargeant… and more.  Oh, and of course if they also had beautiful glasswork, furniture, silver, and the best of modern art as well as 15th century art.

That is the Currier Museum of Art.

Their current exhibit is Monet, four pieces that depict his art from one of his earliest works of Impressionism to one of his later pieces.

There’s nothing better than ‘the real deal’, seeing…

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