Me Without Healthcare….


I do not usually deal with politics on my blog, but this is too important not to reblog this post.


Again, a rare occurance to get political on my blog. Because whether people agree with me or not. It is a matter of life & death. The AHCA/BRCA must not pass!

I do not joke about death. Yet, after asking nicely with no movement & amendments sure to get worse, I know no other way to get through.

The 13 authors don’t want to be called heartless or murderers then don’t pass this cruel bill.

Some may say it’s extreme, but I’m tired of playing nice & being ignored, & getting canned responses about how I must take more personal responsibility when I’ve taken plenty.

I’ll be sending this mock obituary through to my delegation tonight because I think they need to see the consequences of a “Yes” Vote:

Nicole “Nikki” S. died of chronic rejection in a Philadelphia hospital.

Nikki was born on May 25, 1977 in Watertown, SD…

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10 thoughts on “Me Without Healthcare….

  1. I reblogged this too, Professor French. Thank you for sharing! It is so hard to believe that humans, American humans, in this Christian country, is not at all. At least those elected to make life and death decisions have not real care, courage, no convictions of Compassion, Empathy, Care, and Hope. I think they are just scavengers. Such a disappointment. As an RN, I have seen what it is like for those babies, those children, those young adults, and us older, but not wiser, humans without healthcare. I have watched them die. Chemo stopped in the middle of treatment, young women dying in childbirth, in what is suppose to be the richest democracy in the world.


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