What is a Book You are Currently Reading?




I am always interested in hearing what books other people are reading, and the blogging world has many interesting, intelligent, and engaging people in it. I am lucky to have met many of you through this blog.

I usually have several books going at one time, so I will mention that I am rereading Stephen King’s Hearts In Atlantis, which I am teaching in my Contemporary Fiction class at the Wescoe School of Muhlenberg College. I am also reading The View From the Cheap Seats by Neil Gaiman and Aggravated Momentum by Didi Oviatt.

So, what are you reading?





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64 thoughts on “What is a Book You are Currently Reading?

  1. I’m reading Walls of Byzantium by James Heneage, an author that’s new to me but is known for creating the successful bookshop chain Ottakar’s. So far I’m enjoying the story and finding it well written.

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  2. I’m on the 4th book in the series of the Neapolitan novels by Elena Ferrante. Very engrossing. But I’m always reading a few nonfiction. The main one now is How Soon Is Now by Daniel Pinchbeck. I’d recommend it to anyone concerned about climate change. Speaking of reading, have you read about the Silent Reading Party idea, Charles? It seems that would be right up your alley! (PS Thank you so much for following my blog.)

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  3. As always, I have several on the go. Slowly getting myself through Roy Jenkin’s glacial biography of Churchill; dipping in and out of a book on philosophy; have also been reading a lot of Jack London – read Call of the Wild yesterday and was very impressed.

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  4. I’m reading The Embroiderer by Kathryn Gauci and enjoying it immensely. It’s set in the 19th and 20th centuries in Turkey and Greece focusing on a line of indomitable women struggling to survive against the odds of war and revolution. It’s probably a cliche to say that it’s as finely woven as the exquisite fabric around which their lives depend but it is so!

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  5. I also always have several books in play. Rereading Tom Robbins, “Jitterbug Perfume.” Just finished Ta-Nehisi Coates, “Between the World and Me,” and Sam Quinones, “Dream Land,” and am about to start “Spy the Lie.” Also reading Buckminster Fuller’s “Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth.”


  6. Reblogged this on K. D. Dowdall and commented:
    I love the idea of sharing what we are reading and thoughts about the book we are reading. I just finished and reviewed I just finished reading Aggravated Momentum by author Didi Oviatt and it is one of the best mystery murder horror stories I have read. There is no way you can guess the ending. In fact, I barely slept a wink last night. Thank you Charles for another great post that brings people together!


  7. I am reading Design: an owner’s manual for learning, living and leading with purpose. Anthony J. Marchese, Ph.D. is the author. `Side note: this man was a student of mine 1992-1994 and I am so happy for his success. Great book, so far, just got it yesterday. I plan to interview him for Tell Me a Story.

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  8. I also read several books at once. Right now I’m reading Travels With Charlie by John Steinbeck, The Best American Short Stories 2016, and a collection of Raymond Carver stories.


  9. I’m reading “A Head Full of Ghosts” by Paul Tremblay. It came up on a Google search of what to read if you like “The Shining”. Feels like a very modern version of “The Exorcist”. I really enjoyed “Hearts in Atlantis.” I liked how we met the same characters in different stories


  10. I usually have more than one book going at once. Right now, I’m reading: “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency” by Douglas Adams, “Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince” for the umpteenth time, “Inheritance” by Christopher Paolini (actually, it’s been sitting unfinished for a while now, I need to get back to it), and “Pegasus Rewritten” by Aoibha Walsh.


  11. David Baldacci’s new book, The Fix, which is a fairly recent series about Amos Decker. This is the third book of the series. I just finished reading The Crime Writer by Gregg Hurwitz, who I’ve been reading and in the process of reading all his books. Of course, I have other books on queue, so I just have to try to read faster.


  12. I’ve just started reading The Aeronaut’s Windlass by Jim Butcher. I’m only a few pages into it, but I’m loving it already. Great action scenes!

    There’s a lot of great sounding books here. I think my TBR list just grew. Again! Thanks for posting this.


  13. thecorneroflaura

    I’ve just finished Brave New Worlds by Aldous Huxley. It’s a surprisingly easy read for a book that does so much world-building and I finished it in just a few days. I think what surprised me most is that the author didn’t really pick a side in the happiness vs freedom debate but leaves it up to the reader to make their own minds on it.


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