Favorite TV Shows: the 1950s: The Twilight Zone


I thought I would begin recovering the series on Television, beginning with The Twilight Zone.

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I had engaged recently in a conversation in which TV shows were discussed. Afterwards, I was thinking that I consider the 1950s and the 1960s to have been the era which produced the best television shows.



I am not claiming that the special effects were good or that the shows were slick in any way.  In some cases that I will mention, the acting was not the finest, but, and this is my point, the writing was extraordinary.



I will mention one show per post and will cover more in the not too distant future.  In all cases, I am referring primarily to the writing, the story-telling, and the themes of the shows. First is The Twilight Zone, which ran from 1959-1964 and dealt with the moral, ethical, and social problems of the time.  Certainly, this show is memorable for the famous actors who appeared at…

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20 thoughts on “Favorite TV Shows: the 1950s: The Twilight Zone

  1. Hands down, THE best television show. Writing and creativity were extraordinary. Of course I watched it as a child. I vividly remember “The Fifth Dimension” episode. I need to watch the one on the concentration camps. Great post, and a great TV show.


  2. For me the Twilight Zone was the best and Rod Sterling was my hero because he made those supernatural stories come alive because of the way he presented them to his T V audience. Thank you Charles for educating and sharing important T V shows that were ahead of their time! K. .D 🙂


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