When Doubts Assail, Be A Bilbo!


This is a wonderful post about dealing with doubts in terms of Bilbo Baggins!

E.E. Rawls Writes

Bilbo the Hobbit was a practical and steady character, who never let a situation get the better of his emotions. When we face and battle doubts, perhaps we should do what practical Bilbo would. Doubts might assail us left and right, whether it be concerning a project we’re working on, or a goal we hope to succeed in, but it’s what we do when we face such doubts that counts.
(below quotes are Bilbo’s)

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We work on that project, that goal, that thing we’ve put so much sweat, blood and tears into, and once it’s near completion, we give the result a worthy name…

“I will give you a name,” Bilbo said to it, “and I shall call you Sting.”

I named my project (a novel) Strayborn. What name have you given your project or goal? Once it’s named, maybe you’ll give yourself a new and fitting title that goes well with the work you do. Bilbo titled himself as:

“I came from the end…

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