Here is my interview with M.C. Tuggle


This is an excellent interview with writer M.C. Tuggle


Name M.C. Tuggle

Age 63

Where are you from

Born and raised in the country near High Point, North Carolina. My maternal grandparents’ farm was the focal point of our social, recreational, and spiritual life. The large lake was a magnet for me and my cousins, where we swam, boated, and camped. My grandfather was a deacon who let local churches baptize folks in his pond.

A little about yourself, ie, your education, family life, etc.

I was a headstrong, bored student through high school. University was pure joy for me since I could select the course of study that appealed to me. In addition to the literature, history, and French courses I loved, I surprised myself when I discovered an interest and talent in biology and statistics.

Fiona: Tell us your latest news?

My latest book is a novella entitled The Genie Hunt. It’s about two old friends who…

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