What Is One Of Your Favorite Movies?


I have posted before about favorite books.  I will come back to that idea again in the not too distant future, but I was thinking about movies, because I am going to teach a hybrid online/traditional in-class course on Literature and Film at Muhlenberg College for The Wescoe School (the adult program) this summer. This will be an early question I will ask my students, so it is only fair that I think about it.



My answer would be the same as if this question were for books: The Lord of the Rings by director Peter Jackson (all 3 movies considered to be one–the same as with the books.) I think this adaptation is one of the best adaptations of a book to movie that has ever been accomplished. I love the depth of the story, the issues raised of political power and corruption, war and peace, good and evil, life and death, love and hatred, industrialization and the decimation of the natural world, heroes, both large and small, and the connection of all people. I recommend this filmic adaptation to all.   Please also read the books!



So, I ask everyone: what is one of your favorite films?


50 thoughts on “What Is One Of Your Favorite Movies?

  1. Geraint Isitt

    I struggle with this question as it does depend on mood and things, but I will re-watch Lord of the Rings once a month (extended editions), and the Princess Bride frequently as well. And This is Spinal Tap. After that, it gets difficult for me as I usually have a hard time naming my favorite western or war film, let alone all-time fave film

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  2. I have many than I could recall quickly. I see the picture of the ring above. Definitely, Lord of the ring is one among them. In general, Star Wars, Star Trek series and supper hero (DC or Marvel)… now the names start to come ..

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  3. The Harry Potter movies for one. The Lord of the Rings is long overdue for a rewatch, I remembered watching them one after the other in my aunt’s kitchen years ago. And not to be missed is the gem that is The Boat That Rocked. Lot’s of excellent movies I’ve seen mentioned!

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