The Heart of My Old Books


This post on the magic in books and the inherent value in old books is wonderful!

A Teacher's Reflections

My dear old books have witnessed decades of children carefully listening to their words.  They have made children laugh, feel scared, ask hundreds of questions, and come to understand the heart of well-written words and a good story.  Words are a treasure.  Today those words fell onto the floor.

“Jennie, the pages fell out.  You need a new book.”

Oh, no!  Never.  Those yellow and brown pages have lived.  My reading their words have made them come alive, over and over again.  Like a grandparent telling a story, their words have sprinkled gold dust onto children.

I just finished chapter reading Little House in the Big Woods, by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Today I began to read-aloud the next book in the series, Little House on The Prairie.  Laura and her family move from the little house in the woods of Wisconsin.  We loved that little house and her…

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