Interview: author M.C. Tuggle


Here is an interview with author M.C. Tuggle about his writing.

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Today I am delighted to welcome Mike Tuggle, blogger at M.C. Tuggle, Writer and author. Mike’s latest book, The Genie Hunt, was published yesterday and is available to purchase on for e-readers. It’s a readable fantasy novella with some interesting views on society – make sure to check it out! 

What is your book about?

My latest is The Genie Hunt, which Solstice Publishing will release in mid-May. Attorney Buddy Vuncannon and his old friend Coot Pickard are heading out of town for a fishing weekend when a SWAT team surrounds them. Eyewitnesses have identified Coot as the gunman in an armed robbery. Despite his doubts about his friend’s innocence, as well as his ability as a defense attorney, Buddy must somehow clear Coot of the charges. He uncovers a criminal conspiracy that not only controls a shape-shifting genie, but includes an old friend who drives a…

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