Searching for Innocent Bystander


I am reblogging this post because I am still searching for a text of this play–Innocent Bystander by Seamus Byrne

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I need help with a project I am currently working on.  In May 2014 I completed my dissertation From the Political to the Personal: Interrogation, Imprisonment, and Sanction In the Prison Drama of Seamus Byrne and Brendan Behan. I found this work to be extremely interesting and satisfying especially because the study of Irish Theatre in the 20th Century has been central to my academic work. One of my immediate discoveries was while an abundance of research has been done on Brendan Behan, very little has been written on Seamus Byrne.


I am currently working on a book focused on Seamus Byrne. In it, I will examine his life and his three plays that were produced. His last play, Innocent Bystander, is presenting itself as the most mysterious. According to the site, PlayographyIreland, it was produced at the Abbey Theatre in November of 1951. Other than some…

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10 thoughts on “Searching for Innocent Bystander

  1. I think the Irish National Library is going to be your best bet – maybe you can sweet talk them into scanning it and sending it electronically? That should reduce the cost of paper copies. Tell them it’s for educational purposes and that your a professor…they have to give some grace.


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