Music Keeps Inspiring Art


This is another example of excellent teaching!

A Teacher's Reflections

Artists just… know.  So do children.  They both tell the world their passion through painting.  When music becomes part of creating art, magic happens.

“Art should make you feel, like music.”  -Wassily Kandinsky-

Kandinsky is a favorite artist with the children.  They like his colorful art, and they want to paint like him.  I read aloud the children’s book, The Noisy Paintbox: The Colors and Sounds of Kandinsky’s Abstract Art, by Barb Rosenstock.  When Kandinsky was a boy and first painted, he heard music as the paintbrush mixed the colors of paint.  The sounds of music were there throughout his life whenever he painted.  He named his pieces of art after the music he heard and loved.  Kandinsky understood that music and art are connected.  Children do, too!

Rowan wanted to paint Starry Night.  She used finger paints, and then asked for music. We had introduced Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Handel’s…

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