If I’m ever stranded…..


I was looking through older posts from various bloggers, and I found this–I love this sentiment!


Ever gave a thought to that one place you would love to get stranded …

I idea might feel ridiculous to many but just think about it. In routine life, we get stranded many times. Probably at railway stations, crowded malls, busy streets, new cities etc. etc. etc. But there are various places where one would like to get stranded and be lost for hours like parks, beaches, maybe an island, or some might say their favorite apparel showroom or maybe an ice-cream parlor.. the list is endless!

But when I asked myself the same question, the first thing that came to my mind was a place with thousands of shelves covered with books of all kind. So, if I ever get stranded, it should be in a library or a bookstore so that I could check infinite number of books and enjoy the time.

If I'm ever stranded.....

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21 thoughts on “If I’m ever stranded…..

  1. My ideal bookstore has a coffee shop/deli attached. I once spent 4 days in one. Did have to go to a motel to sleep and shower. Changing Hands bookstore in Mesa AZ with the Wildflower Bread Company in the next store with an open wall between them. It was heaven. Yes, that is where I’d like to be stranded as well. No doubt about it. 😉

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