I have until now avoided political commentary on my blog, keeping it mainly for writing. But I can no longer stand by and say nothing, not when a person who so clearly despises democracy has the ear of the President of the United States. Bannon’s heroes are fascists, and these are the people that America fought against in World War Two. This is an excellent post, and it needs to be read.

Pen & Paper

20161126_blp902-bannonWhy does Steve Bannon want to “burn down our form of government to the ground?”  By Steve Bannon’s definition, it means doing away with our democratic system of government. With words like nationalism, populism, and his strong belief in Eurasian, the writing is on the wall, literally.

Eurasian means a system of authoritarian government that is, at best a dictatorship, at worse a medieval form of governance. Think, the Ottoman Empire. Bannon is not a conservative, he is an “Imperialist – like Putin – but worse.

Bannon’s belief in Eurasian, is a system of government that loathes secular modernity, like America and most Western European countries. Bannon’s belief heralds back to the Slavic-Turkic land empire and it is Bannon’s wish to do just that, democracy must go, ergo, he intends through Trump to do just that – “burn down our system of government to the ground.”

How do I know…

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  1. Well he was right about one thing: he said “if you think you are going to take your country back without a fight, you are wrong.” Darn skippy. There will indeed be a fight, and not the one he is expecting. And it is the OTHER Silent Majority that is going give it to him, because most of us have had just about enough. And about that PC thing? Well he and his followers underestimate just how “PC” most of us have been listening to his anti-American sentiments: he may have the microphone, be WE have the Constitution! So bring it…

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  2. If you could feel the terror that flows through me by reading just this much you would understand why I can’t read further. It’s an unnatural fear that I can’t explain. It started the day Trump was elected and continues each day I see him select another crony. I will have to stop here.

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