What I Love Most About WordPress


I thought this post about the diversity of people we connect with on WordPress was important and powerful! And if you have not read any of artemisdelmar’s posts, please visit her site.

Palabras DelMar

If you have a blog, take a moment and look at the map of countries in your stats.

When I realized what this map was, I knew I wanted to increase the number of countries on my map. I had no idea how to do that. I would stare at my map after logging in and wonder just how to reach people in different parts of the world.  Though, I had no real plan of action for this; my followers were mainly in the United States, with a couple in the United Kingdom and one in India, and I had no idea how to market this blog internationally.

How was I going to reach parts of the world that I’ve only visited through movies, books or my imagination? Again, there was no plan of action for this, I just wanted people in different countries to visit my blog.

Last night my…

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