Needed Books For Our Time


Some books speak to a specific time, and some reach across eras with their messages. Some include a message for a definite audience, while others span a more general readership.  And some times call out for certain books to be read.

Books are one form of the Media, which must remain free if freedom itself is to survive. Given the turmoil of our present time, I am suggesting these books as crucial reading for today’s world:


 George Orwell




Elie Wiesel



It Can’t Happen Here

 Sinclair Lewis




15 thoughts on “Needed Books For Our Time

  1. Maybe it depends where you sit. But in MY theater and a family of immigrants, we are exactly in the thick of things. Some of us do not get the privilege of closing our eyes, or get to hold the delusion that what is happening today does not affect us. We owe it to each other to keep our eyes open and to call a duck a duck.

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  2. I read a novel in High School for my Government class about a president that was mentally ill. I wish I could remember the name of it but 50 years have erased it. It was about how it would be handled and trying to keep it secret. Opened my eyes immensely. Can’t say I’m not more than a little worried here.


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