What are you fighting for?


I loved this post, and I agree that we must fight for those who cannot do it themselves. To quote this post: “So fight for your dreams, for your family, for your friends but also for the people who can’t do it, for the innocent ones, for the scared ones. Fight for justice.”

Every night my dad calls me to chat a bit, we laugh, we talk about his life (especially now that we’re writing about it) and life in general.

Tonight dad got really angry because I told him that a client of the office I worked for until November, told me that my former boss is an idiot. I cannot tell you what he did but this woman was very angry and I can’t blame her.

So, while telling dad these things, I said that I want justice for all the people he damaged during the years and he said: “The most important thing now is to let him pay the money he owes you”.

My father lives for me, he adores me and he’s always very angry when something bad happens to me because his dream is to give me the perfect life so I understand and appreciate his point…

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9 thoughts on “What are you fighting for?

  1. I agree with you. All my life I’ve been fighting for my dreams, my family, my friends and the people around me who need my help. However, I think I’ve reached a point where the fight has left me completely because oftentimes I have to do it alone. It gets tiring after a while…because when you take care of everyone else no one really thinks you need help sometimes too.

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