When Chapter Reading Isn’t Enough


Jennie’s post is an excellent example of the finest teaching!

A Teacher's Reflections

Charlotte’s Web is a book that has a profound influence on children in the best of ways.  Children listen, often silent because of all the wonder that is going into their brains.  The words alone paint a picture that they relate to and understand.  Yes, close listening happens.  Yet, when I read-aloud The Story of Doctor Dolittle, children are actively engaged, asking question after question.  This is a book full of imagination and creativity.  They want to experience this book. Oh, how we talk!


We talk about Chee-Chee and the monkeys in Africa.  We learn about vaccines.  We figure out how the Bridge of Apes is possible.  The Leader of the Lions and the King of Joliginki introduce the subtleties which are most important: goodness, right vs wrong…  then along come the pirates.  Oh, my!

We can’t get enough!  We need more.  So, we play The Story of Doctor Dolittle.

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