Happy New Year!




I want to wish everyone a happy, safe, joyous, and successful New Year! I wish peace, safety, and comfort to those who need it in the world. I wish courage to those who will face difficult challenges in their lives.I wish love and friendship to all.

I wish writers the discipline to keep writing and remember, do not worry about the quality of the first draft, just get it down! Happy Writing!



51 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Gaslight Crime

    May all the kind things you wish others flow back to you! Happy New Year and thanks for the posts which have often helped me – as one of the world’s laziest writers – to keep going. Anne from Gaslight Crime

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  2. Inese Poga Art plus Life

    Happy new year! Happiness is so fragile that we really have to be careful what we wish for and what we try to achieve!
    I hope your dreams come true and health is good!


  3. A very uplifting message for the new year and for writers. Your observation about first drafts is a strong piece of advice . I just finished a first draft in two months using that “just get it down” philosophy. Thanks for sharing:)


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