The Little Match Girl


This post is deeply important.

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At this time of year, I think of The Little Match Girl fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. “It was terribly cold. It had snowed that day and it was almost dark”, begins the story of The Little Match Girl who carried with her a little box of matches to sell, but no passerby had stopped to give her even a penny as she walked along, hoping for someone to buy her matches for a penny, but no one even glanced her way.

The Little Match Girl was so terribly cold and her thin little body ached with the cold. She had no coat or shoes. Her old hand-me-down sweater was soaked through from the snow that had fallen earlier in the day.  She shivered uncontrollably as the snow started falling again. She saw a place between two houses where she could sit down and look across the street.


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14 thoughts on “The Little Match Girl

  1. A timely story of the need for charity. The shame of it is that we need reminding at all. The shame of it is that there are still little match girls by the million worldwide and only at Christmas do our thoughts turn to them and our consciences get tweaked enough to try and do something for them.
    I’ll know the world is growing up when I see less of the starving children and notice people putting away their weapons to live in peace. What a glorious inheritance for our children and grandchildren.
    Hugs Charles.


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