Happy Solstice!




I am almost late in posting this, but I wanted to wish everyone a Happy and Blessed Solstice–this wish goes to everyone regardless of religious beliefs or otherwise!

Also, I am one of the unusual people who loves Winter–I always feel at my best physically and mentally at this time of year. I become more energetic, and I always feel like a child with delight when it snows.

Again–Have a Happy and Blessed Solstice!



43 thoughts on “Happy Solstice!

  1. I much prefer the freshness of cold air though whether it snows or not doesn’t make a difference except to the look of the streets.
    Thank you for your good wishes Charles. I wish you happy Solstice and a fantastic Yuletide.


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    Thank you Charles French! Yule, The Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year yesterday. It is the festival of birth of the new solar year. In Wiccan terms, it is the renewal of the Sun god. Yule is also called the Day of Children, Mother’s Night, and Christmas. The Herbs cedar, cinnamon, ginger, sage, rosemary and the colors of gold, green, yellow, white and red are all colors associated with this solstice and with last until midwinter is passed bringing the Spring Equinox in March! Visit https://charlesfrenchonwordsreadingandwriting.wordpress.com

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  3. What a delightful post, Charles! May the months ahead be filled with energy and wonder. Winter really is the season of beauty. There’s something about a hushed quiet in the snow that is captivating. Thank you!

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  4. Happy Winter! I love it best also. My inner child dances when I awake to snow. And walking alone in the forest right after a thick snowfall before the animals have even come out of their burrows to leave footprints is a mystical experience. I also loved reading that Christmas is also known as Mother’s night,….learning something new and delightful is a wonderful gift of blogging. Thanks for being a part of the blessings.


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