Under the Mistletoe!


This post is a wonderful discussion of the history and mythology of mistletoe and perfect for the season!

Pen & Paper

cousin-reginald-under-the-mistletoe-norman-rockwell-400x508  Why do we kiss each other under bunches of the devious, toxic Mistletoe every Christmas?  Well, its a complicated story. Many mythical stories surround the Mistletoe. Its magical lore includes how the Norse god Baldur — second son of Odin, god of truth and light — who was so beloved by the other gods that they sought to protect him from all the dangers of the world, but forgot to include the mystical Mistletoe.  Loki, a jealous Druid citizen who sought to test the powers of Baldur, made a dart from the Mistletoe and murdered Baldur.  However, Baldur came back to life and Frigg, Baldur’s mother, kissed the Mistletoe for saving her son’s life and from that time forward a Mistletoe was hung at the threshold of each home to ward off evil spirits and for good luck. Overtime, people started kissing each other at the entrance to a room…

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8 thoughts on “Under the Mistletoe!

  1. Nice to finally learn about it. Not being from the same fraternity, mistletoes hold next to zero prominence. But I loved the concept of kissing under the mistletoe. Only to.learn today of its actuality.


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