Black Friday: Keeping Spirituality Separate From Materialism


This post deals with an important issue to consider during this time of year.

2B or Not 2B

Today I’d like to talk about a topic that has been bothering me since the Black Friday commercials first aired on our televisions. Itaffectsusallasartists, writers,and individual thinkers. Over the past few days, I’ve realized two things.

One, it’s extremely difficulttokeep a humble heart during thistimeof year: thetimeofgifts, sales, expensiveobjects, andcorruptbargains. Howdoesanartist, awriter, keephimself groundedduringsomuchchaos? Throughout atimeofstrongjealousyandshallow competition, how does one keep his spirituality?

Two, the conflict between spirituality and materialism eventually becomes an intense internal battle in all of us. Unfortunately, in many people, materialism triumphs over spirituality. WhenIwalkedintothemall this morningwithmysister, Ilegitimatelyfelt

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18 thoughts on “Black Friday: Keeping Spirituality Separate From Materialism

  1. I love this piece and I so agree with you. Materialism keeps us enslaved in capitalism, buying things that make others rich. I don’t understand going to the mall for recreation. Go outside for heaven’s sake people, it’s free, and it is wonderful for your mind, body & soul. Happy Holidays Charles!

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  2. Jon

    Great piece! I personally boycott Black Friday because of the sheer hold of materialism it has on us. There’s nothing sadder than seeing human beings swarming a store to snag a 4K TV that costs $200. It’s like watching animals fighting each other (only worse, because it’s frivolous materials that they really DON’T need!). Black Friday shouldn’t ever be a thing anymore, its just a poor excuse to buy more crap that also can’t afford as well.

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  3. Heartafire

    A great article. Materialism had overshadowed the holidays and stripped it of joy. Overwhelmingly desire to amaze or compete leaves so many emotionally and financially drained. In two weeks all is forgotten except the credit card bills.


  4. I don’t know, really. Buying gifts is a wonderful thing! After all, that is what the Three Wise Men did, right! Very expensive gifts because myrrh and frankincense is not cheat. As long as you stay in budget, keep the gifts simple like $10 – 20 each for for family (after all it is the thought that counts right? And only cards to friends. I have noticed that people tend to “gift” to themselves throughout the year with no concerns at all. So, is it the gift to others instead of self or do we give too much, like at work or to family? A gift should be simple or then we ratchet it up and others feel like they must give a more expensive gift as well. Set the budget well ahead before Christmas and then everyone will take a deep sigh of relief, so no one has to go into debt. Karen 🙂

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  5. Working retail, I no longer enjoy Christmas…not because of the commercialism that has surrounded the holiday, but because it has changed the attitude of the public, who clearly no longer enjoy this whole gift-giving game of accelerating extortion. I miss the simple, genuine, often home made presents of yore, the LIGHTS and the food eaten with friends and family. How we diverted from religion isn’t the worst of it…how we forget to ENJOY each other’s company and forgive each other’s minor sins for at least a day is the problem. Maybe if we all sat around the foil Christmas tree with the lights off and the color wheel on it would all come back to us? At least have some fudge before you come to my register.


  6. I skipped Black Friday this year. I feel like I ran out of things to buy my daughters. They have everything. ANd I feel that everyone has everything they need and it’s so hard to think what to get people when in your mind your intention is to make sure that it will not be one of those things that they’ll have to worry about how to use or display just so they won’t offend the giver. so it’s pretty stressful for both parties.

    I think 2 or 3 years ago I started making a commitment with my girls that the gifts I’m giving them for their birthdays and Christmas are going to be memorable. They’ll pick it and it has to be something like a trip or an experience. It can’t be anything that’s just going to gather dust in their rooms or will separate them from human contact which a lot of electronics does nowadays.


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