GARRETT’S BONES – A Surprising Commentary from Writer’s Digest!


This is a wonderful review for a very talented and hard-working author. She is an inspiration to all of us!

K. D. Dowdall


Last April I decided to enter the Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards. I was hesitant because there are many great writers out there and who do I think I am anyway to even try to compete with these accomplished writers.  I had no expectations of winning – heavens no. However, what I did want was to receive a totally non-biased report. I was expecting the worse.  After all, this was my second attempt at improving the first edition of Garrett’s Bones. The first edition was really riddled with mistakes.   It was my first draft, no proof reader, no editing either. I didn’t see the mistakes and I didn’t even have anyone read it before I decided to self publish the first edition.  I was  mortified when I realized I had published a book with more mistakes than I care to dwell upon.    It does have, as they say, “good…

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5 thoughts on “GARRETT’S BONES – A Surprising Commentary from Writer’s Digest!

  1. Charles, thank you so very much for reblogging and your comments. I am honored by your praise and thankful because you have taught me so much about reading and writing. Both reading and writing are hand and glove needs of every writer without which good writing is really possible. Thank you! Karen 🙂


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