These photographs are stunning and beautiful, and I had to share them! Please visit Cindy Knoke’s blog: https://cindyknoke.com

Observant owls prefer to watch,

and not be seen.
At twilight we sing, muted duets.
They swoop close, ruffling my hair.

Letting me know they see me clearly,

as I go slowly blind in the deepening dusk.
Cheers to you from the all seeing owls~

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30 thoughts on “Owled~

  1. I don’t know how Cindy does it but she takes the most incredible photos I’ve ever seen. It feels like they are in the same room with you. Since I’m blind at night outside I will never see one up close and personal. I just love these and everything else she shoots. Where the heck is National Geographic? She should be working for them.


  2. One of my favorite animals. Where we used to live we had a giant owl that lived nearby. It literally seemed to lord above the other animals in the area…wild and domestic alike. I suspect it was indeed a wise ol’ owl.


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