Children’s Books: Old Can Be Better


This post on older books for children is excellent and very important!

A Teacher's Reflections

Now that the best new children’s books this year are receiving awards and recognition, I’m excited and scanning the titles for my new favorites.  Besides recognizing the best new books of the year, it’s gift giving time. Nothing beats reading-aloud and turning the pages of a book.

Yet, I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that older books, titles that have been forgotten by many, are often the best of the best. I guarantee that most authors who write winning books today would smile, knowingly, and heartily agree.

I am fired up to share some of these books with you and their importance, because I recently read this ad which was marketing Goodnight Moon:

“Goodnight Moon is now available in e-book. The perfect solution for parents on the go.”

Pardon me while I pull my heart back up from my stomach.  For the very young child, touching

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