A Wish for Writers




I wish for all writers from another writer:

imagination, dedication, discipline, ideas, hope, confidence, perseverance, and production.

Keep writing!



16 thoughts on “A Wish for Writers

  1. Charles, I appreciated your wish for all writers. Lack of imagination is what made me realize, after many years of trying and submitting, that I lack that most important tool in a gifted writer’s kit.

    So nowadays, in my final chapter of life, I sometimes just talk with a keyboard. Doesn’t turn me into a writer, but it affords me relief of grabbing those niggling thoughts and questions and tossing them onto the screen where I can try to make sense of them.


  2. Thank you, Charles. Your words always come at the best times; sometimes they are your words, sometimes quotes, and sometimes stories. They make a difference, at least for me. Thank you.


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